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FAQ (top 6)

  • Question (1) = Who are the, and who organizes the Fremont Solstice Parade?
  • Answer (1) = The are ANY individuals who want to get body painted and ride on the parade route prior to the start of the Parade.

  • Question (2) = I noticed they have (2) two separate websites? Who are the SolCycles Google group with the mis-spelled name “SolsticeCyclist” without the (s) at the end?
  • Answer (2) = That’s a great question. It’s a small group of riders who created a yahoo group years ago, and switched to Google Groups. The non-formal group today are refered to as: “The SolCycles Google Group”.
    The website with the correct spelling of is owned by Amber, and is used to promote the Parade thru photos, and fair use educational information

  • Question (3) = What is the official date for the 2024 Solstice Fremont Parade?
  • Answer (3) = The official date is Saturday June 22, 2024 @1pm (Official details are from these two sites:
    Fremont Arts Council and Fremont Fair. Also these Fair Answers

  • Question (4) = Were do I go to get body painted??
  • Answer (4) = Each person or group is different. Sometimes people ride in a small group of 2 or 4, and find a location in a backyard close to the parade route. Others like to be part of a larger group and join the larger painting party at a number of locations.
    We have owned this website for over 30 years now, and have been one of the main photographers of the event. As a convenience this year, we listed a number of “Painting-Parties” on a particular page.

  • Question (5) = If this is my first time getting painted, do you have any links where I can connect and learn more?
  • Answer (5) = Yes, I created a page just for that particular question. “Connect & Support So many different people participate in this event, and over the years we have had so many conversations with thousands of people. Additional topics and links have been gathered to help folks get answers to question we sometimes don’t have the answer to. If you have a question that you think we need to add, please let me know.

  • Question (6) = With all this work in getting painted, do I have to get cleaned up right after the parade?
  • Answer (6) = I love this question, and if your like me, I want the party to continue!! I listed a short list of after parties like the Gas Works Park party and several others. If you want to create an “After Party” of your own, please drop me a text and provide me the details. I would love to add this information to the mix
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