www.SolsticeCyclists.org is the Official website for a group of local photographers. We take pictures each year at the Fremont Parade with a focus of obtaining the best images of the body painted bicycle, skateboard, and other participants. This is a FREE event, and anyone with a camera can participate, however to shoot in the middle of the street you have to get a special pass. Please contact your local authority for details. Want to participate in the Painting Party? click here

The Sol Cycles Yahoo group of riders are a great group to join, and you will have a blast at the Painting Party! Enjoy the ride
Photo Credit: Mr. John Cornicello

Photo Credit: Mr. John Cornicello

For the best body painted photographer we would highly recommend: John Cornicello. We have seen thousands of photos, and hundreds of photographers, but in our opinion Mr. Cornicello is the best! We were not paid a fee for the endorsement, we simply love his work!!

Re-visit our photography and resource site often. Also click on the sponsors tab to see the wonderful folks who support the parade and event. Fremont Arts Council are the folks that should be getting all the credit. They are the best in the entire world!!! None of this would be possible without the volunteers and people who do all the hard work. We have provided a page of sponsors. Please support each one, and shop in Fremont Washington!!
Our website is not affiliated with the Sol Cycles Yahoo group. We are a group of photographers who share our love for The Fremont Parade, and share links and images of the Body Painted Cyclists who ride in the open and free parade. If you want to share your free images of the Fremont Parade, please email us or provide your Flickr link. As a courtesy to the Sol Cycles Yahoo Group and the organizers of the Body Painting Party we have included a link to their site and how you can participate in the painting party: "Painting Party Link"